about us:

Prointeriors design studio operates since 2006. Our work as a design agency from the very beginning involves primarily designing interiors, furniture, interior and display details, as well as architecture.

Members of our team are passionate about their work and can boast many years of experience within interior design studios, architectural firms and advertising agencies, as well as working with relevant contractors.

Our portfolio includes multiple designs and executed projects connected with housing, public and commercial surfaces. The brand new formula of our company is an interior design and remodelling studio. During the 10 years of our company’s operations, we have formed a seamlessly collaborating ensemble of experts from design-related fields, which allowed us to expand our offer and include contracting, to meet the demands of clients seeking comprehensive services for the realisation of an investment connected with interior design.

In our projects, we attempt to take into account the latest trends, but we also leave a lot of room for individual expression. Another of our principles is the question of finance; from the very start, at the conception stage, we create a project of budget in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, which helps us to assist our clients in optimisation of their expenses, and channel the capital towards appropriate elements and works – in our opinion this is precisely the task of an architect whose work is our client’s investment: a combination of expectations and needs of the client, current trends, ergonomics, legal requirements and the planned budget.

A large portion of our projects comprises standard apartments whose interiors are modelled as living spaces or investments, while the budget constitutes a particularly significant factor impacting the design process.

Apart from designing and comprehensive construction, our capacities allow for manufacturing of non-standard, unique furniture we design, with the possibility of customising it to our clients’ individual needs.

We are looking forward to working with you,

Bartłomiej Filipowicz, owner and architect, and the Team,